In Graves, in the middle of Livathos, in Kefalonia, at the bottom of St. George Castle, near Kerameies and the Myceanean Cemetary, among the former pits, that gave the name to the region, the beautiful Kefalonia, is found the Ranch Agrotourism Leventis.

In an area of more than 20 acres, Leventis family built residences of 80m2 each, where they offer in the agrotourist market services of hospitality. Dept of the family is to provide each possible service and information for a pleasant stay.

The history and the culture of Kefalonia, the local production, the authentic products, the local recipes, the high quality of services, the known and unknown beauties of the area and of Kefalonia, will be at the disposal of all visitors, as a useful information, or even as a free tour.

Leventis Agrotourism - Villas with Private pool in Leivatho Kefalonia Villas with private pool located in the middle of a beautiful garden

Yours faithfully and Always at your disposal
Panagis Pagoulatos